1) I am giving you the origins of the corrupted bibles:

From 1880, the traditional Greek text lineage called Received Text; has been abandoned to satisfy the thirst of the textual critic, in order to introduce an altered text by many heretics, nicknamed Text of Alexandria; it is the Vaticanus codex and the Sinaiticus codex.

About the Vaticanus: The Greek manuscript the Vaticanus was found in the library of Vatican in 1481. It was available at the time of the reform, but was rejected by the Reformers.

As for the history of the Sinaiticus, here it is: Friedrich Constantine Von Tischendorf (1815-1874) traveled intensively in search of former documents. Tischendorf adheres to the same mistake that his predecessors believed: that God didn`t know how to preserve his Word and that it was absolutely necessary to recover it...

Please consider this, this is VERY revealing: It is at the Sinai mount, in 1844 in a to paper basket of the monastery of Saint-Catherine where reigned an atmosphere of occultism where many human skulls were suspended at the doors that he discovered the codex named today Sinaiticus;

2- I am giving you the list of the Non-Corrupted Bibles (please know this is NOT an exhaustive list...and for right now, I only know the details of the Bibles in English, French and Spanish for those are the languages that I know (I am very fluent in English and French) while I am actually learning my third language, which is Spanish)

As of today, December 17th, 2013, I found this very interesting online book
Compiled by Dr. Phil Stringer;
reviewed by the board members
of the William Carey Bible Society

In English: King James Version 1611 is the best

In German: German Bible of Martin Luther
(when I will have more details, I will add later)

In Italian: Bible Italian Diodati
(when I will have more details, I will add later)

In Hungarian: Bible Hungarian Erdosi
(when I will have more details, I will add later)

In Spanish: Bible Spanish Valera
The Valera1865 and the original 1602 Valera are the correct Spanish text and we'll defend them for as long as the Lord will allow or until He comes back

10 Simple reasons why no Spanish speaking Christian
should use the corrupt Reina-Valera 1960

In Polish: Bible Polish Visoly
(when I will have more details, I will add later)

In French: Olivitan 1535 ; Bible de Genève 1588; Bible of Genève 1669; David Martin 1707; Ostervald 1744; Martin 1855; Frossard 1881; and the most available: Ostervald 1996.


Claude Lamontagne did a summary of the godly books he read from Chick Publications about this topic.