The VISIONS were the ones of Jesus rose from the death, several times, specially to a group of at least 500 persons...

The DREAMS. ..when Jesus was going to be been crucified, the wife of Pilate had dreams and said to her husband to avoid to do something wrong to Jesus.

The EXTERNAL VOICES. ...when Jesus met Saul after He rose from the death, He said for him: "I am the one that you persecute". (reference to the saints that were persecuted by Paul)

Therefore, the visions, external voices and the dreams UNIQUELY CONCERN THE REVELATION OF CHRIST JESUS IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. (Revelation of his Resurrection, revelation of his purity and holiness to the wife of Pilate and revelation of His Resurrection to Saul who was going to become the LAST WITNESS OF HIS RESURRECTION. ..

Since the sword of the Spirit is God's Word (Ep. 6:17 and He. 4:12) and since the Word of God is COMPLETE (Rom. 3:2) God is ONLY using His word to speak to us by His Holy Spirit at this very moment and therefore his prophets (1 Cor 14:3) need to prophesy by connecting his word to the current events. If they donít know the current events, they need to shut their mouth.